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"Very happy with my experience purchasing equipment here. The staff are very honest and upfront about the equipment they have for sale, they truly want you to be happy with it, and won't say anything just to make the sale, unlike what you would find in the city. Definitely worth the drive to Stayner. Looking forward to using my skid steer, thanks agian"

Matt Hill

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After over a year of watching their inventory and dealing with Jeff, I bought a backhoe from them. Ran it, tested all the functions, saw what shape it was in the best I/we could.
Put cylinders under pressure, looked for sags/leaks. Some hydraulic leaks etc etc. Shortly after closing the deal it developed a coolant leak. Front end of the engine had to come apart. The large aluminum 'housing' off, pulleys, rads, everything. Clean off old gaskets, put on new, all put back together.
They did the whole thing. Threw in an oil change and new coolant since they were drained anyway. Quite pleased. Could have been a much more unpleasant situation and it was simply 'taken care of' by them. I couldn't ask for more. I'll go back to them for the next piece of equipment, too.

G. Potts

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"Had another great third visit with Jeff Lane today at Iron Inventory in Stayner where I bought this, a second machine from him. After a great demonstration and full disclosure of its known condition it became easy to make the purchase and am now very pleased. Jeff you just helped me cut out the middle man on two driveways and three foundations, as the day before I also snagged all needed foundation forms. Probably saved me 75k at least in the long run. Thanks Jeff !!"

Zeke Woolyman

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